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Salt and Hishio

Before soy sauce became a preferred seasoning in Japan, there was salt.

One of the original sources of salt in Japan was from animals’ intestines. Another was salt drawn for the sea. However, it was scarce and did not keep for long, so sea salt was commonly mixed with something else that could prolong its shelf life.

Festive New Year Food

Happy Japanese New Year!

It’s traditional custom for Japanese people to eat O-sechi (traditional food for the New Year) and O-zoni (rice cake and fish based soup) during New Year’s, just as Western people enjoy eating turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day.

Glossary of Terms for Cooking Implements Helping You Shop!

Japanese Cooking and Dining Supplies

If you need help finding Japanese cooking and dining supplies, please let us know. We know it’s hard sometimes to find supplies that are required to make Japanese food, so we’re here to help!


Soba Crunch

A delightful snack with buckwheat flour ingredients.