How To Prepare Hirame For Sushi/Sashimi

Hirame, or flounder, is whitish pink, prized for its buttery taste. Yummy!

Hirame, or flounder, is whitish pink, prized for its buttery taste. Yummy!

When you buy a whole flounder, you will see that the part used for sushi/sashimi is very small.

First, descale the fish. This will be difficult as the scales are fine and numerous. After, wash it thoroughly.

At the pectoral fin (the small fin closest to the head), make a small cut on both sides and cut along the head. Then, slit the belly and remove the entrails by scraping them out, along with the dark blood. Also remove the head at this time.

Rinse, and cut along the fin. Also make an incision down the centre line from end to end, careful not to cut all the way through the fish. Then, insert the knife into the centre line cut, and free the flesh on one side from the bone in one piece. Repeat for the remaining side.

Flip the fish over and repeat the above.

Remove the bones along the belly by slicing them off at a right angle to the fish. Remove the fins as well.

To remove the skin, place the fish side down on the counter and insert the kinfe at the tail between skin and flesh. Pull the end of the skin and work your knife gently through to remove.

Cut the fillet into 1/10 inch (3mm) slices by slanting the knife to the right and starting from the left. The pieces are thinner than other types of darker fish because the texture is thicker. If you cut white fleshed fish thicker, it will be harder to chew and thus spoil the experience!